Gratitude Journal Day #213:
Tuesday, May 4th, 2021

So STOP blaming yourself for THEIR non-sense. We have a hundred symptoms to manage, life to juggle, the kids doing SOME-thing, bills stalking your movements yet you wanna entertain the bullshit? *shakes head* I know. I know. You know too. You just needed a reminder that YOU are the priority. #wellness #Gratitude #knowbetterdobetter #learn #psoasmuscle

Crunk Talk video!! (motivation for today)

Gratitudes on line 3!

3.) S/O to my Pops! – Today is my Dad’s Born Day so I’m grateful than a mug. He is a TOP notch Father, built his career and empire of influence through his own merits and takes his position as a leader of family serious. I couldn’t ask for a better role model, mentor and Daddy growing up in East Texas. The lessons he taught, I’m grateful. The games we played, I’m grateful. The conversations we have, I’m grateful. The bars he set, I’m grateful.

2.) Psoas Muscle – Yoo, I learned about the Psoas muscle and I’m grateful because the information aligns with my mission for wellness. Psoas muscle is in the stomach area and holds the trauma of an individual.


Why am I grateful? I’ve been reading on how to release the trauma, stretch the muscle and … *drum roll* YOGA that muscle so I got new poses and moves to work with. (I gotta do SOME-thing while my back is jacked up.) According to the research, you can alleviate all sorts of symptoms by including these motions in your daily repertoire of wellness techniques. The muscle is super important to the general mobility, structural balance, joint function, flexibility of the body, and all of those are compromised due to Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis. Shhhhhhiiiiiiiiiid, I’m thinking that the way my body is responding so positively to the lifestyle changes (If you can’t GET better, BE better Lifestyle), WHEN I add that psoas muscle stuff, I’m really, REALLY finna show improvement. *makes muscle*

1.) Got her Bennie working – My 1st Adult’s vehicle wasn’t starting and that means I had to at least TRY. Am I a mechanic? *pluuuhleeze* Did I work with my Pops or maybe an Uncle on cars growing up? *duck face* When it wouldn’t start, as she said, I guessed it was an alternator, maybe the starter going out. I wanted to try giving it a jump but she was already late, I move SUPER DUPER slow and she caught her Momma for a ride to work. Well, after all that, the neighbor ending up seeing the crew struggling to figure it out. He brought his heavy-duty, start anything kit, and BOOM. She was up and out. Looks like she been leaving some light in the car and the battery keeps draining so the greater Gratitude is that the issue is solved AND inexpensive.

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