Gratitude Journal Day #216:
Friday, May 7th, 2021

I'll NEVER get tired of Fridays because that's when normal people start kicking it and feeling better. *winks* No slugs BUT I'm ready to do something celebratory and special every damn day. *burns rubber in wheelchair* BMAO! #wellness #Gratitude #Friday #perspective

Crunk Talks are my motivational sessions. These are the precious moments I can speak to my Tribe. Inspired by bossbabe, I present today’s… *crowds roars*

Crunk Talk #216!

What are y’all celebrating? I’m celebrating the steps we’ve taken towards our summer goals and of course, GRATITUDES.

3.) S/O to my brother – The first week of May is jam-packed with birthdays in my family. My Father, daughter, Grandmother, brother, and a few cousins. #Whew. I’m grateful my little brother is catching up with me in age *shhh*, grateful for his career successes, financial gains, and positioning, and the overall practicality of his life. We grew up on video games, Marvel vs. DC comics (Image was my favorite) and still chop over sports on a regular basis. My brother is one of those guys that feels it’s his responsibility to let you know when you bullshitting. His open questioning gives me all the insight I ever need with my medical decisions.

2.) Saw some familiar faces – Had a good time with the in-laws and saw some people I haven’t seen in years. Nothing quite like hanging with the older generations and tripping on stories, parenting moves and mistakes. S/O to the Queen for getting us home safe.

1.) Medical Records within my grasp – *giddy with anticipation* Ok, today I take the next step towards getting my cannabis prescription. My old neurologist can’t email or fax my medical records and I’ve been trying since Wednesday. After I actually have them in my possession, I can get an out-of-pocket, neurology appointment with one of the few licensed professionals able to prescribe it. *fingers crossed* That’s all I know. The people that answer the phone aren’t able to tell me anything else soooo…. *deep breathe* Wish ya boi LUCK!

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