Gratitude Journal Day #219:
Monday, 5/10/2021

Yoo. We lose people all the time. Of course, we're going to lose SOME on the journey of self-improvement and Gratitude. You better not let that interrupt your growth. You can read, jam, meditate, sing, yoga but GROW. Today, on a magical Monday, I present a #Gratitude Journal entry that touches our Tribal #motivation AND #meditation. Being #grateful requires us to stop and recognize what is good. Now, we're stopping to breathe because everything is about #wellness of the #mind, #soul, #heart and #body.

Crunk Talk for Monday, 5/10/21

I am ready for THIS Monday! Motivation? βœ… Gratitude? ♻️

3.) Clubhouse app – Confession time. I’m an android user with NO plans of switching to Apple for the Clubhouse app. I AM using it sporadically and learning quite a bit. Nothing earth-shattering or groundbreaking but enough to plot for more. I got called to the stage a few times, participated and made a few connections. I even have a meeting today with a new connection so I’m feeling like an entrepreneur!

2.)  Gillette razors better than Dollar Shave Club – Waaaay better. It’s that flexible, ballpoint head. When I’m shaving, I glide over curves and dents in my bald head to achieve a finished look absent of cuts, scrapes and mistakes. (Y’all don’t know about the agony of a those errors. πŸ₯Ί)

1.) Not a single drop of alcohol on Sunday – I did it. One day down, 6 to go. My back injury is feeling a LOT better. I’m giving all the props to my support network for the anti-inflammatories and Flexeril. Wow. I’m still rocking and rolling with general pains, stiffness, piss, poor movement but those are standards of my existence. I’m working on getting over-the-hump by lowering my alcohol intake to maximize my healing. Drinking helps with pain but slows the completion percentage.

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Wellness Tip for Monday, 5/10/21: How to Meditate (YouTube video)



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