Gratitude Journal Day #221: Wellness Wednesday, 5/12/21

Passing on the Crunk Talk to give y'all good game o wellness this Wednesday. Matter fact, that's why it's called Wellness Wednesday. *mean mugs* I'm aiming to drink my 100oz water, yoga twice and find time to lace my poor feet with hemp patches. What ch'all doing for it? #wellness #Gratitude #mindset #hardwork #teamwork #family #blog

And with that being said, let us… CONTINUE.

3.) Got the revised Welcome page! – This one introduces the entire Tribe of Avants, insight into everyone’s roles and why we’re hunting a life abroad, beaches, tropical climates… *sigh* Yup, I give the Queen props for her cooking. Yuuup, the daughters are there for their technical savvy. Dern right, my son gets his credit for acting as the heavy muscle. Of course, my oldest earned her spot for playing Uber and UberEats. This is a huuuuge step for me and I’m grateful to take it. Grateful for their help too but the step inside is really big. The introduction of family means sharing less of MY thoughts (I was childish but I’m growing up y’all.)

2.) FINALLY, revised the categories too – Yoo, I HAD to with such an influx of talent! allthingsonelove is more than a blog on stinky, ol’ Multiple Sclerosis. It’s more than MY journey towards the light of positive thinking and Gratitude Journals. allthingsonelove is the compilation of wellness and Gratitude shared by my family. Common sense that I adjust the categories to reflect the the changes as well. *shaking head* That wasn’t hard to accept but it required reviewing the 600+ posts so they weren’t lost in the shuffle. Grateful to finish it.

1.) Light bulbs in the bedroom – 😯 Did I fix it? LOL!!!!! Stop playing, y’all know I ain’t fixing no light bulb, changing a bulb, nothing because I’m disabled. I’m grateful than mutha tho because ya boi been scuffling ever since it went out in the first place!

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