Gratitude Journal Day #222: Throwback Thursday

Guess who stayed up late adding the "Services Provided" section? ME! Like a entrepre-abler KING supposed to. Let's go Tribespeople, WE got businesses to build, vacays to plan, kids to parent and I can't do it by myself! #wellness #Gratitude #Better #Improve #Mindset

I Tried So Hard (MS remix) -> This will require the Podbean app because I used it to do my original podcast and 1st 30-day Gratitude Journal.

I hope you can HEAR my beginnings, the fear, anger, anxiety. That Gratitude Journal has my mindset on a entirely, new, optimistically aggressive wavelength. I’m NOT this guy anymore. I’m an Outlaw, dodging negativity, evading bullshit and shooting back with Gratitude, Attitude & Passion. I’m on my way to claim my throne NOW. πŸ€œπŸΎπŸ€›πŸΎπŸ–€β™Ώ

Only thing better than Thursday is the weekend!

3.) Scooped a “Be-the-best-…” – I jam Eric Thomas. BEEN jamming ET for a couple of years because I feel he speaks my language. What he is doing, building and achieving in pretty much the sum of my dreams. The man is a motivational speaker that reaches deep into his culture and community. He dresses like I envision myself, teaches like I USED to teach and that motivational speaking career is aligned with me. When I saw he published his own book centered on branding and promoting yourself, I jumped on board. Grateful I had the money to get it because I shooooo thought hard about it.

2.) Bumps/bites improved – Woke up with a CIRCLE of bites, maybe they’re simple bumps, I don’t know. SIX. ☹ Six bites/bumps, in a perfect circle, under my left armpit. (I really have NO idea!) Grateful my usual application of generic, Triple Antibiotic Ointment knocked them down. I wasn’t worried, tripping, itching but it feels GREAT to see nothing today.

1.) Services Provided added – *bouncing & bobbing head* YAAAAAAAS. Another day of cementing this foundation for MORE growth, MORE business, MORE opportunities to shoot my shot.

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