Gratitude Journal Day #230: Friday, 5/21/21

Friday is FLY Day and I went 100% IN. Interview was rescheduled by the employer and I'm still pretty and ready for shenanigans! πŸ˜‰β™Ώ

Y’all know we celebrate W’s today huh? It’s why I get cute and Gangsta. πŸ€œπŸΎπŸ€›πŸΎπŸ–€πŸ‘‘

3.) 1st Business Plan will be reviewed – Ready. Set. Go. *sweating* Y’all, I’m soooooo damn me nervous about this review. GRATEFUL but scared. Not scared of the work or anything, it’s just my first time being reviewed for something I’m passionate about. I don’t care about a work reviewed but THIS? *meditation pose*

2.) Interviewer getting ME – I don’t have a suit, blazer, pair of slacks or anything considered business professional but I’m grateful my swag is on HIGH because I got an interview today. I thought about canceling but that would send a message to the universe I fear opportunity. I don’t. I’m cool beans with NO too. What I’m NOT gon do is overthink this shit, reschedule and kick off a cycle of “what-if’s. So, *clasps hands loudly* I’m showing up to the Zoom, posting my employment into existence, wheelchair and thermal uniform. Let the Tribe see I pump the same energy I preach. Be grateful for the opportunity first, recognize it, roll in it, talk to it and repeat until it’s gone. THAT’S the perspective you deserve and will create.

1.) It’s just GAS – Ohhhhhhhh… *Grandfather moan* I can’t even breathe wrong without pain in my back. *repeats moan* but I’m grateful it’s just gas because I got stuff to do. I can move, operate with bad gas. The kind that crawls into your back or dives into your ribs making it hard to breathe. ☹πŸ₯Ί Yeah, THAT bad gas but at least I know it can pass. I know how to get myself some relief and that’s always, Always, ALWAYS a worthwhile Gratitude!

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