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1st allthingsonelove 5-star SERVICE recommendation: HELLO! LLC

I had NO intention of reviewing or recommending a business. What do I now besides personal experiences? I’m not a business major, struggling with my business plan and getting swamped by the constant need to schedule meetings, plan podcast interviews, update links, create content, *wooooo TF sah* I am an Agent of Gratitude. Quite possibly, the first Agent of Gratitude PERIOD. My business is offering a service that changes an individual’s perspective, improves energy and ushers growth. My business is predicated on the implementation and consistency of a Gratitude Journal. I do NOT coach people to quit healthcare nor do I motivate others to “be better versions of themselves”. 🀨

What I do is INSPIRE people to live their BEST lives despite illnesses, handicaps, disabilities or the lack of healthcare. I’m out here, EVERY day, exemplifying Gratitude Journals, the effects, benefits, discussing how to make it part of your day, blending it with communication to empower you as a spouse, parent and SURVIVOR. I am creating Tribes for those determined to be GRATEFUL AF and push their purpose & passion as tools of authenticity.

How the HELLO, LLC will help me achieve my goals:


#Boom. Everything in ONE spot, videos, books, trainings, podcast, FB groups, freebies, CLARITY of everything offered. I LOVE how videos are “embedded” so stuff plays without needed a click. That is huuuuuge when folks are shopping. Potential clients and customers want to SEE, FEEL the benefits of whatever is offered. I have testimonials and more that would be here.


Wow. Content? Ohhhh, I GOT content. The difference between organization and content is perspective and layout. There is little advantage in GREAT organization if you lack content. That’s my whole point. I have sooooo much content that I don’t know where, how, when to use it. This service BLESSES clients with that, providing a way to promote and share content. As fly and awesome as the organizational aspect is, the raw ability to present content is SWEEEEEET.


HELLO LLC is addressing the unique needs of coaches, artists, musicians, influencers and waaaay more. The site can take ANY career, highlight the strengths while providing the client an ability to openly discuss questions, issues and SOLUTIONS. πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎ As a entrepreneur, I NEED that professional forum to engage my prospects, assure them of the direction and goals. From bookings to the fabled, final “you hired”, HELLO LLC handles it all with it’s atmosphere and settings.

Examples of the HELLO LLC virtual, mobile assistant.

Examples of my CURRENT virtual, mobile assistant.

1st half of my current setup

See, I would start like THIS!

To contact the HELLO LLC…

HELLO LLC Briefcase to do your own research

HELLO LLC – podcast, wellness, products and more

Yoo! If YOU get yours, tell them KENDRICK sent you!

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