Gratitude Journal Day #260: Monday, 6/21/21

Yoo. I'm RE-doing Father's Day. Yesterday was cool beans, my daughter gave me an AWESOME A-Z poem (she's 8) but Gratitude Changes Perspective and I wake up with a whole new energy. #wellness #Gratitude #Attitude #Authentic #Passion #Purpose #Perspective #grateful #energy #innerG #mindset

I really AM redoing Father’s Day.

4.) They made it safe – The Fam shot outta town again. This time for basketball camp as my son hoops. Grateful they made it safe and I’m REALLY hoping he enjoys it. I’LL do my part, work-from-home, side ventures, legit hustles because the GOAL hasn’t changed. A whole empty house used to make a playa wanna cry but NOW, I’m grateful because I can record the podcast, produce an audiobook, blah blah blah. πŸ€œπŸΎπŸ€›πŸΎ

3.) My Father’s Day A-Z poem by Wisdom – *tears* Yuuuuup. She don’t know but I cried when she exited the room. I used to write poetry, go to poetry readings, recite my stuff (I kept the paper tho. I never had time to memorize a poem.πŸ˜‰) The poem wrote me slapped me with authenticity, quality time and love. When nobody recognizes Father’s Day except HER, it hits even harder.

2.) Homie posted up with me – I’m grateful he did too. We chopped on serious conversations, smoked, drank, ate like we were back in college. We hadn’t done THAT since college. The fears I keep pertaining to my illness progression are not a talk anybody else likes. Hanging with the homie was my opportunity to ask him stuff, tell him stuff and try to get SOMEBODY on my squad to OVER-stand my thoughts.

1.) Homie sponsored Kalawalla for the Ecuador πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡¨ trip! – I did NOT ask! He one of those homies that digs deep on water’s importance, the effectiveness, chemicals, all that. For that reason, he demanded I take Kalawalla as a preventative measure towards the MS symptoms. “I don’t care how expensive it is. You TELL me and I’ll get it for you but take care of your damn self bro. Like for real, for real.”

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