Gratitude Journal Day #262: Wednesday, 6/23/21

Today, I'm starting to get my swag back. *rolls shoulders*

Huuuuump Day!

3.) This picture! – *sniff* I wish I could see them hooping or at LEAST listen to their stories, give hi-fives and daps after camp. I learn to focus on OTHER things, participate in OTHER ways. This picture is an example. Just HAVING this picture gives me enough Gratitude to numb the heartache a little. As I write THIS entry, I’m doing OTHER things than wish I was there. *sniff*

2.) Truck was properly fixed – #whew #thankyouPawPaw #Grands That doggone lightening! I thought a new battery would take care of the issue. Noooope. Grateful she can return home. Weeeeeell, she actually going to a hair appointment but I’m still grateful because ain’t nothing wrong with looking good BEFORE coming home. šŸ˜‰šŸ¤£šŸ¤£šŸ¤£

1.) Neck & back feel better – Spondylosis is my greatest pain. Sleeping is damn near scary because of getting crics, slipping discs and flat out lower pain. Today, my stuff feels better, like I’m on the way to normalcy and consistency. Yaaay on THAT!

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