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allthingsonelove 5-star Review AND Recommendation: C4 Public Relations Services

How we met –

I was in a Clubhouse room (Yup, as usual. ✊🏾) and gave my “30sec introduction”. She was a Moderator and said she was impressed by how far I’ve gotten, how much I’ve done. *blushing* That alone pumped me up. It always does but a Moderator saying it aloud was empowering. She offered one free consultation and I immediately started checking her bio and associated links. 🧐 Her stats read legΓ¬t and the journey began.

What she does –

She helps people and companies develop their brand, expand their network and multiply their income. Her pillars of business lie in connection-creation-collaboration-communication. In our month together, she exemplified each of these pillars on a regular basis. She connected me with power players in my chosen field of Influence, Gratitude. She taught me improved methods of creating MY content, in MY style. Her guidance gave me the confidence to approach others, collaborate and garner business opportunities. Finally, her communication was amazing. She set appointments and meetings according to my schedule. I needed that because although I’m building a business as an Agent of Gratitude, I’m full-time employed and manage a plethora of disabilities due to Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis. Ceci was accommodating to my special needs and actually asked about my health on a regular basis. πŸ–€

How she helped ME –


Let me say this, Ceci laid out an entire spreadsheet of colors, fonts, hashtags, similar IG accounts, the WORKS. People, I refer to it a few times a day. It is my “Bible of Business” and I keep it close before posting ANYTHING. The entire thing was built on my likes, dislikes, our conversations over a 3-week period. I was blown away when she presented it because it even included her proposals towards my blog and podcast. Wow. πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎ


I hadn’t settled a single image to represent everything I’m doing. Ceci popped up with her own digitized, professional combination of what I had been using the most. *look of shock & pleasure* I was impressed. A few days later, prompted by our discussions, she changed them and I suddenly had 8 logos that I felt comfortable using. The logos were strikingly similar and aligned with my four brand colors so I could use them interchangeably. I was satisfied to a level of shame and gluttony!

Business Plan!

I’ve read countless templates, plans, brochures, watches videos and even bought some. I was still confused, overwhelmed. Two weeks of training, Q-and-A, homework assignments, the study of others, I’m on my way. I have THREE detailed assessments of my clients, customers and shoppers. When I speak, I know what I intend to say, have a message. When I post anything, I KNOW why I’m posting it. I spend less time posting because of this knowledge and intention. She gave me insight into which platforms of social media would benefit which message. I DRASTICALLY changed my habits after our time together.

Her authentic interest is the deal-MAKER!

My numbers are up after our time together. My interactions are up after our time together. My anxiety and stress of social media is down after our time together. All of this was influenced by her authentic interest in my business and goals. Late nights, she would send ideas based on my most recent posts. When I posted, she was often the first to comment or like. If I went too far, she would message me to gauge my intention. *sigh* That energy, attention, let me know she was paying attention. She was always peeking and looking to ensure I moved and operated according to the business plan we worked out. *sniff* I miss that authentic interest the most!

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