Gratitude Journal Day #284: Thursday, 7/14/21

I am BARELY here.

3.) Backup pants – Brooo. I jacked up bringing all these shorts because it is too damn cold. #AllMyFault Grateful I slipped 2 pairs of jogger pants in my carry-on bags! I’m wearing them right now so we can try moving more. πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎ

2.) Going exploring – The Queen and I walked about one block, in one direction before returning to square one. Today, armed with kids, strapped up with curiosity, we will go farther. I’m excited to see more the city and grateful for the opportunity because this is blog/video material. It’s why we came!

1.) Special S/O for the JUICES here! – Specifically, blackberry. That mug is so good, so natural, so doggone refreshing that it changes my mood! *mindblown* After blackberry, passionfruit. I don’t like it in America but here, Ecuador, it is different. Not as pungent and very much enhancing. My first taste brought thoughts of vodka, mimosas and early morning kicking it. That just kept the mood change going so I am crazy appreciative.

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