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Gratitude Journal Day #309: Monday, 8/9/21

Yoo. Y’all good?

3.) Did my FIRST 3-6-9 Manifestation thing – According to the readings, if you WRITE what you want 3x when you wake, 6x in the afternoon and 9x at bedtimes, you will manifest what you’ve written. I’m going for author and speaker. I’m grateful because I can FEEL myself thinking of ways to do it throughout the entirety of the day. That’s got to be power/rationale behind it.

2.) Did NOTHING on Sunday – I mean not a doggone thing EXCEPT Gratitude-related activities. I needed that more than I care to admit. Resting, NOT giving, quitting, just resting. I laid or sat in bed ALL day. Monday, I’m already feeling better and NOT fighting sleep as frequently. (Y’all know how orientations can be!)

1.) Fixed my optic neuritis BEFORE it got bad – Maaaaaan, S/O to my MOMMA and my Mother-in-law. When I realized optic neuritis was creeping in, invading my symptoms, i jumped in the bottle. 2 pills every 4-6 hours. In about a day, my eye was calm and I’m working. #Boom

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