Gratitude Journal Day #317: Tuesday, 8/17/21

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*taps mic* I declare today… A GREAT DAY AT 7:36AM!

3.) Got my 1st 3 students! – I’m talking about teaching ESL to kids in China. I’ve tried before, BEEN trying since 2017. In those days, I never got a student and the school blamed racial prejudice. I was hired to do remote instruction for middle school, AMERICAN kids in February but never got a student either. 仄撾儭 Within a few hours at this new gig, I have three! These are not enough to retire the sales gig but it IS few enough to keep both. 返樹 All I gotta do is hold it down till Christmas/New Year’s and I should have the cahones to kick off something of my own. ( for you Ecuador 返 because THAT is coming with me when I move there.)

2.) Got BOTH cards now – We’re STILL recovering from the suspicious activity and shenanigans of Ecuador 返. FINALLY, got my new 2nd card. That gives the whole family breathing room as the kids’ public school bill mounts higher and higher, starting with the technology fee for district laptop computers.

1.) Got that old mortgage back! – This was bigger than BIG. Tribespeople, we, the Tribe of Avants, have successfully BEAT our bankruptcy!!! We had back-up plans, back-up BACK-UP plans and working on emergency plans. (Yes, there is a difference.) What happened? Well, *grabs a chair* this is for YOU because I’m disabled and bring my own chair. 不 Another mortgage company stepped in, bought our “situation” and offered the original mortgage as the new mortgage. We don’t have to worry about lawyer fees, missed payments, write letters, send paystubs, none of that. It’s almost a too-good-to-be-true thang but I know this possible because I’ve been so intentional with my energy, Gratitudes and goals. This is UN-expected but not impossible. We saved the house! And think, we did this on a Customer Service Representative budget, not her working OT nursing hours in a danger zone, not me taking risks going to public schools and substitute teaching. We SAVED the house !

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