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Gratitude Journal Day #326: Thursday, 8/26/21

3.) GenerAsian Radio on Twitch – My potna, my college roomie, one of my son’s 2 GodFathers is DJ and general music Professor. His radio station is on Twitch and IG now. I’m grateful his stuff is getting bigger, team improving and enjoying their passion. I’m ALSO grateful the music has the feel and vibe of Chillhop for us. We cook to their mixes, study and bounce HW to their mixes, it was good music. The fact we don’t know many words and it’s from other cultures gave us great conversational topics. We heard Portuguese Reggae yesterday!

Twitch link to GenerAsian Radio

2.) Found a gig I REALLY like – *fingers crossed* It pays well, insurance is legit, schedule can adjusted, work-from-home, training seems cool beans. I’m hoping for a 4th interview today and SUPER hoping for the actual offer. I’ve done 3 freaking interviews and need one more. I’m grateful because this ONE gig opens the door for sooo much. Even if I don’t get hired, I know I’m worthy of the application. I can apply to similar positions with different companies. *taps forehead* Change your PERSPECTIVE!

1.) Needed time, GOT time – I NEED to correct my Gratitude Journal. Since I’m hired for TWO gigs, I can use next week to focus on my books. The Gratitude Journal has that printing error I found earlier this week. (I think it’s an easy fix.) I gotta do some BIG writing on my teacher book. (It’s missing the Gratitude Journal element.) I gotta do my first podcast interview EVER. (Tyler of the Ayahuasca Retreat healing.) I have a 2nd podcast interview with 1sicB. (Another MS’er doing BIG things.) The Ecuador 🇪🇨 videos aren’t compiled and organized yet and guess who needs time to do that. ME. *rolls neck* Let’s get started now!

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