Gratitude Journal Day #327: Friday, 8/27/21

3.) Fixed my desktop! – Something been wrong with Adobe or files or something because for months, every single file downloads as a Google thing. 🤷🏾‍♂️ I’m trying to apply for gigs (I DID get hired by two new companies.) and sometimes, people couldn’t read my attachments. I have nooo idea how it got like that but it’s fixed now. *humph* I’m da MAN! *beating chest*

2.) Tried the Cloud N9ne Watermelon syrup – Courtesy of _vibeshouston. First thought? Flavor was cool with a Red Bull. It didn’t overpower the beverage itself. I did a 1/4oz (about half the recommended dosage) with a 12oz Bull and enjoyed the low grade, low key, indica-ish buzz. It did make me a little drowsy but nothing I couldn’t handle. I’m already excited about the prospect of it as a sleep aid or even a “chill pill” before long drives of 30+min and school events. THAT should drastically reduce the spasms and allow me to attend more stuff. I won’t be anxious about RR issues, how people view me, etc. #SaluteMyAssOff because a full blog post is coming!

1.) They’re home safe – Easiest Gratitude to do. I would label it a cheat code for Gratitudes. The Queen enjoyed her cousin’s Born Day KO and everyone made it home safe. *applaud*

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