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Disabled BUT… Episode 5. Introduction of Brandi & the 1sicB podcast

Meet Brandi of the 1sicB podcast…

Who she is…

Brandi is a Sister-of-the-MS’ster in Kentucky. She was diagnosed early and knows her symptoms started even earlier. She hosts her own podcast as well.

Why she is the FIRST person I interview…

1sicB podcast is FLY. I learned of her passion for awarding regular people facing chronic illness over IG and haven’t quit sharing her posts ever since. Her entire attitude and personality matches mine in that she is determined to live her best life, not her longest life.

Topics we cover…

• When she was diagnosed

• What stage she is at with Multiple Sclerosis

• Her advice for MS patients

• The worst symptoms and how to manage

• How MS has strengthened her

• Her INDEPENDENT podcast,  1sicB

How to listen…

Disabled BUT… Episode #5

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