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Disabled BUT… the podcast: Episode 6. FINALLY,  I bring Tyler to meet the Tribespeople of Gratitude

Tyler Olson Meier of Los Cielos, Peru

Who he is…

Tyler is my freaking HERO. He is a MS’er, from Canada that moved to Peru after finding healing. PERU! *jaw drops*

Why I HAD to interview him…

Years ago, I found something positive in the Netflix documentary, Heal. The film explores the stories of survivors, their how, their why, their stresses, fears. In it, ayahuasca was introduced as plant medicine and helping those with chronic illness. Tyler tried it, liked it, found relief for his MS and moved there permanently. He runs his own Ayahuasca Retreats now and helps others to find relief.

Topics we cover…

• HIS MS story

• What TF is Ayahuasca? Kampo?

• Men’s Retreat in Los Cielos, Peru

• Tupac

• What HE is grateful for and WHY

How to find more about Tyler and his journey with AYAHUASCA.

His IG

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