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Gratitude Journal Day #351: Tuesday, 9/21/21

MOB = Mindset OVER bullshit

3.) FB Group shortcut – Grateful little tip does more than save time. Since it is a shortcut, on the home screen, I’m more cognizant of using it. I’m taking steps to differentiate my Agency, from IG, from the Agent of Gratitude, from LinkedIn, etc. *taps forehead* See, I’m learning and using the new technology stuff.

2.) Breakfast – I’m always grateful when the wife, Queen, serves breakfast. It hits home when she makes sure I start my day with Pau D’Arco tea. Usually, I can get some bowel relief off the combination because I took Pau D’Arco in my supplement too. 🤞🏾

1.) Official profile logos – I got one for CH, one for IG and one for the FB profile. The three logos are similar but just different so that viewers don’t feel spammed with my content.

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