Gratitude Journal Day #353: Thursday, 9/23/21

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I threw a few extra Gratitudes in here because I need too. I’m worried about some bills (You BETTER not say, “We all do.” πŸ˜‘)

5.) Shooter Ready (Twista, 9/10/21) – SNAP! I did not know Twista was still rapping! I ran up on this while trying to find something new to jam. That mug is pure Twista too, just wanted what I wanted to keep my thoughts from going retrograde on a day alone.

OAN: Is he beefing with 50cent?! Yikes! πŸ€”πŸŽ™

4.) Tyler Campbell – Yoo!! Grateful he responded to my LinkedIn request!! I was low key tripping, apprehensive but damn that. I’M building a business that serves the community through reeducation of Gratitude. I don’t know anyone doing what I’m doing but now I do. His whole interaction exemplified how I’ll respond and treat people. GOOD stuff.

3.) Powerballs – I’m starting day 3. *sigh* Third day without gluten, sugar, or alcohol. *another sigh* Yesterday, I was losing my SHIT and survived because my Queen made some powerballs. Powerballs are oatmeal, dates and nuts. THAT took some the edge off the 2nd day. #ThanksMrsAvant. She made enough for today too. *sniff*

2.) Made the bed – S/O to kid #4. She is freaking AMAZING as a sidekick, homie and daughter. I didn’t even ask! She straight up offered and that kind of energy is lifting. I gotta remember that when I feel like nobody is paying att

1.) Did some laundry – I feel like a gah damn BOSS! Towels? βœ… Did I split em up? βœ… My clothes? βœ… Hers? βœ… Tell me I can’t shock these other family members and prove everyone can do MORE.

Uhhhmmmm…. I left off folding on purpose. I’m grateful I won’t because I really do got BUSINESS to do. 🀫🀣🀣

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