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Gratitude Journal Day #355: Saturday, 9/25/21

Saturday self-care baby!!

3.) REAL ass games ALL night – Growing up, I watched the Black Rom-Coms that started with board games. Period. *wipes hands* From there, it might go horror, sex, porn (YES, there is a difference!, back door with comedy, you never know. 😉 Last night, I LIVED one. *straight face* Grateful for the PHYSICAL bag of games because THEY (college-age young people) had several choices and played… 🤔 … 4 of ten? Soooo much fun! I’m especially proud of myself for knowing EVERYTHING my wife tried to “taboo” to our group. *bows*

2.) Props to speakers & music – ME! *raises roof* It was mentioned by several people, some TO my face and others in group chat. I DID that. Bringing my Bluetooth speaker was a GREAT idea. It was a shot to my self-worth PLUS I enjoyed watching the playlist, remixing the list on the fly, noting Gratitudes.  *tips hat* All that moving and responsibility kept me awake for shenanigans and pictures. I felt like a DJ!

1.) Stayed Overnight – DAWG! Grateful that parents night out (house party) turned into a slumber party. I got to REALLY hang with young adults. *eyebrows up* There was no pressure on my daughter to drive. 👍🏿 #safety Woke up and made a store-run with the fellas (DAMN RIGHT ya boi masked up, vaccinated, playing numbers *taps forehead*. Grateful I remembered to bring it!

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