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Gratitude Journal Day #374: Thursday, 10/14/21

I’m in and out folks! #HoldItDown

3.) Paid early (EASY Gratitude) – #YAAAAAAS!! πŸ₯³ A brother can gon pay these bills and take care of his “investments”.

2.) SHE made chia seed pudding – It was supposed to be me but I suuuuure ain’t tripping. The stuff turned out good too. She’s done it before but it hits harder now. I did learn NOT to let it “melt”. Oh no. Super chilled, almost frozen, it the texture is kinda like a pudding. When it loses that form, it becomes a milky substance of tiny balls that constantly glide and sliver in your mouth. The chia seed pudding helped kick-start my plumbing (🀫 always a good thing). I could making this a REGULAR habit.

1.) Did my SEPARATE IG LIVE – It is coming. I’m diversifying my social media portfolio. Only IG got this video yesterday. Today, it goes here and it’s available on YouTube. Going LIVE on IG is increasing my visibility with IG people. It’s more work going LIVE with separate, social media platforms but the payoff is sooo worth it. πŸ€œπŸΎπŸ€›πŸΎ

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