Gratitude Journal Day #377: Sunday, 10/17/21

I'm good. What about y'all? #kendrickavant #wellness #mindset #Gratitude #gratitudejournal

Slow Down Sunday so SLOW DOWN!

3.) I’m moderating TONIGHT! – Folks. Readers. MS’ers. I am CRUNK to do this! I’ve been trying for months to be a Moderator. I’ve sent messages to the founders. I’ve spoken directly with other Moderators. Finally, I get my shot. It is an unpaid position but the exposure, experience, networking will be everything, anything, SOME-thing to build business with.

Sustainability Leadership Clubhouse link to join!

2.) Remembered my Manifestation Journal (barely) – DAWG! BAAAARELY! I was in the bed, under covers. *whew* I’m at Day 9 and gotta make it to 21. Grateful because I WANT these dream and these Goals to materialize.

1.) Fiverr app – This is an independent app that collects freelancers from around the world 🌎. I’m in discussions with different “computer people” to upgrade my blog, landing page, logo and everything else technical. I’m paying 10-20% of what US “tech people”. #Boom πŸ€žπŸΎπŸ’΅

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