Disabled BUT EPISODE 7…: Ricko & Connie of Break Out The Popcorn podcast (PART 1 OF 2!!)

FINALLY!! Disabled BUT... returns! Yup, I'm interviewing a former student about THEIR suuuuuuuper awesome podcast! #kendrickavant #agentofgratitude #podcast #breakoutthepopcorn #married #allthingsonelove

Ricko & Connie of Break Out The Popcorn podcast

Who they are…
Ricko is a former student of my middle school Social Studies class. He married Connie and tother they run a podcast that covers movies. Scary, comic, drama, history, their podcast touches on them ALL.

Break Out The Popcorn podcast

Why I interviewed them…
The couple manages anxiety and depression with TEAMWORK. That’s awesome itself and I had no idea. Open discussions on building a life that puts passion as the solution to mental health issues? SIGN ME UP because I struuuuggle with the fears and anxiety of chronic illness.

#kendrickavant #agentofgratitude #disabledBUT #podcast #breakoutthepopcorn

link to the Spotify episode 7 of Disabled BUT…

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