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Gratitude Journal Day #391: Sunday, 10/31/21

I am BUSHED! Easy & cheesy Gratitudes for everyone!

3.) Everyone home SAFE – Grateful for the safety so we can do it AGAIN. I wanted a celebration event for making it 30 days, NO gluten/sugar/alcohol. I GOT my event. It FELT like a big thing. People asked my condition, gave me chances to speak, nobody threw that prayer-stay-positive bullshit the ENTIRE weekend. Dawg, I had FUN. I love my SQUAD. πŸ–€πŸ–€πŸ–€

2.) My parents kept the kids – That made kicking it even special! Less stress in sooo many ways, no worries about seafood allergies so any food was cooked, play explicit music, talk crazy and loud, good stuff. Of course, that little bit of bonding time was awesome as well on BOTH sides.

1.) I CLEANED kitchen – Proud of myself! I can forever say, “I helped clean that weekend long party!

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