About that time edibles FINALLY worked! (Whoa. Take THAT MS! πŸ–•πŸΏπŸ’ͺ🏾)

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How STRONG were they?

We cooked cannabis IN the butter. 1oz/stick of butter. We even went as far as to cook it so low that the butter didn’t bubble up and burst. Noooope. We keep it low AF, slowly turning and mixing for over an hour. The thought was that keeping it THAT low prevented ANY “cannabis power” from escaping the cauldron of THC.

Again, 12 cookies per batch.

1 OUNCE per stick of butter

How LONG did it last?

Playa. Dawg. KING. I was fully loaded for 5-6hrs. It took one hour to hit me. It slowly climbed for an additional hour before a 2 hour plateau and slow descent into clear headedness.

How did it help?


Number one, I was so high outta my mind that I didn’t feel the neuritis/neurosis in my legs. (That first one is BIIIIIG.)

Number two, the tingling in my arms and fingers? GONE.

Number three, I was ridiculously HORNY. Fellas, you know how SOME mornings do you? Won’t go down, calm down, slow down? Yuuuuup, thats how I was. That’s special because when you’re disabled, chronic pain, getting or GIVING da draws can be… Iffy? A little boost in that department is only a problem if you lonely and I ain’t lonely. #HappilyMarriedWithOlderKids

Number four, SLEEP. When I did pass out, I PASSED OUT. Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis gives me spasms. Haaaard, nasty spasms that can shake clean off my bed and unto an almost as hard floor. I rarely sleep longer than 2-3 hours because the spasms wake me. On these cookies, I was OUT like a lightweight and slept 4hrs solid, no wet spots either.

Number five… Yup, I would go straight edible IF I could. I can’t because the cost of these things is too much. WAY too much. Why? That pain relief is real AF. I’ve eaten more since that first time and never gotten the “drunk” feeling again. I’ve eaten 3 at time, on Blue Bell Moollenium Crunch Ice Cream but no “drunk” feeling. I’m crazy high, legs are NOT hurting but no “drunk” feeling and I’d take that any day of the week.

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