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Gratitude Journal Day #396: Friday, 11/5/21

3.) Pulled up at Grandparents’ Lunch – Hell’s bells! No, I am NOT a Grandpa. We pulled up because all Grandparents are in Nacogdoches. Nobody could make that 2.5hr drive so we, us, Mom & Dad handled up. Showing up for these kids is important to us.

2.) REAL ASS interview – This is the value I’m bringing today. In this interview, we discussed stress, anxiety, Attention Deficit Disorder. I released a 6min audiogram that introduced our conversation. The thinking is that I’m opening a channel for others to express their feelings and fears. I’m providing a “playbook” for using mindset to overcome the limitations and negative thoughts. They use their podcast to manage anxiety & ADD. It brought them together, gives them quality time AND tackles that pesky question, “where do you see yourself” in X years.

1.) Truth made the BB squad – He did it. I’m crunk for him because this means I get to leave the house a little more. I’m going to the games. I plan on being the Spike Lee to his rendition of the Knicks. Loud, obnoxious, always present, front row, all that will be me. I’m going to ball out and enjoy myself at every game. EVERY. GAME.

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