Disabled BUT… Episode 8: Ricko & Connie of Break Out The Popcorn podcast ->> PART TWO FINALE

Y'all looking for that episode 8 of Disabled BUT...? πŸ€›πŸΎπŸ€œπŸΎπŸ–€πŸŽ€ #kendrickavant #breakoutthepopcorn #podcast #netflix #wellness

Who they are…

Ricko is a former student of my middle school Social Studies class. He married Connie and tother they run a podcast that covers movies. Scary, comic, drama, history, their podcast touches on them ALL. 

Why I interviewed them…

Number ONE, Break Out the Popcorn is one of my favorite podcasts. The wide assortment of topics, material is eye-opening yet inviting. They will watch anything that is interesting and moves. From specials that cover the hypocrisy of the American judical system to fantastic points over the deepness of Soul, I love their passion to DIVE in. The couple manages anxiety and depression with TEAMWORK. That’s awesome itself and I had no idea. Open discussions on building a life that puts passion as the solution to mental health issues? SIGN ME UP because I struuuuggle with the fears and anxiety of chronic illness.

Topics we cover…

β€’ 1.30min – Their thoughts on Disabled BUT… interviews

β€’ 3.00min – Would You Rather Games

β€’ 6min – Tattoos, piercings, opinions

β€’ 11.00min – The music we listening to NOW

β€’ 19.00min – What is Break Out The Popcorn

β€’ 22.00min – EVERYBODY gives Gratitudes 

β€’ 28.00min – Podcast HORROR stories 

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