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Gratitude Journal Day #400: Tuesday, 11/9/21

13.) 1st Adult caught me struggling in RR – CLOSE call homie! I’m just trying to shower up, wash up after being told I’m terminated. AGAIN. *deep sigh* It was cool till I got stuck between the sink and door. Couldn’t move legs, spasms thick, tears close… She was just there to tell me bye but thank goodness because I was about to FALL. πŸ™πŸΎ

12.) Wild-Out Blogs – YES!! Okay, I’m terminated. AGAIN. At least I’ll have the time to complete these blogs stocking up. *rubs hands* One of these will kickstart SOME-thing.

11.) CH rooms (Evolution) – SOON as the termination news hit, I slid over to Clubhouse. πŸ€·πŸΎβ€β™‚οΈ I’m loyal of nothing else. The Evolution Club caught me and lifted me up, filled me up, gave authentic affirmations of me going full blast for own my business. A few offered me networking opportunities right away and I snatched them up. #LetsGO

10.) Already started rebranding – I’ve brought it up before. Things are changing here at allthingsonelove, logo, colors, website format… I keep reminding myself that I’m closer than ever. Termination gives me to keep building.

9.) Still got another gig – I’m good in January! That means I’ve been looking out better than ever. I’m proud of ME for that.

8.) I never seen a man cry (Scarface) – The music didn’t WARM my heart and spirit until this song played. Right away, I knew what it was and got to SANGING and rapping the whole song. After this, other songs kept my head bobbing but it started here.

7.) Coronas here from Born Day – *bows* S/O to my Born Day leftovers. Some folks want BBQ, maybe gifts. Other hope for cash donations. Me? *thumps chest* THIS what I need and it was granted. #grateful A cold beer with a fresh hit or 9? Call it stress relief!

6.) Wife left some COOKED sweet potatoes – I gotta make this Sweet Potato Smoothie dawg. I’ll do it because I’m terminated and got time. PLENTY of time. I’m ecstatic about pushing a BM because, I won’t have to clock in. 🀞🏾🚽

5.) Got that FIBER supplement in – Going in the Sweet Potato Smoothie to add some EXTRA M to the BM! 🀣🀣

4.) Says he’ll finish this week – This message about 3hrs after termination. BET. It is GO time with my independent businesses.

3.) Got some cookie COOKIES left – πŸ˜‰πŸͺ I couldn’t make it outside to medicate. Guess who had those CRUNK ass cookies left. #PerfectTiming

About that time edibles WORKED blog post

2.) The homie delivered my ‘care package’ – You ain’t old students like I DO. Guaranteed to sleep deeeeeep tonight! I ain’t had good sleep in weeks and when I did, it was weeks before I had good sleep. πŸ€­πŸ‘‘

Cloud N9ne Watermelon Syrup blog post

1.) Well, NOW they saying…

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