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Gratitude Journal Day #406: Monday, 11/15/21

3.) SUPER DUPER AFFIRMATIONS!!! – BOIIIII!!! Are you freaking me!!! AND I can jam whenever and wherever I need it. I am floored by this. On a day I’m trying to keep thoughts of UN-employment away, juggling calls with TWC, scared AF of Thanksgiving and Christmas. This did a lot to calm me down.

2.) Ordered that Educator’s Gratitude Journal – I’m getting HOOKED on these 90-day Journeys. The spiral is ending and I’m going back to my Amazon book, where it all started. The message will be focused on Educators, students, schools, and how this focus will alleviate behavior issues and lower the rates of apathy among staff and kids.

Gratitude Journal for Educators

1.) Life Coach Certification – Yuuuuuup. I’m betting on ME. I never thought THIS is where I was heading, going, growing but here I am. *sniffs* I can’t lie. It feels really GOOD. Air smells fresh. Food smells fresh. Hour long lunch breaks. #mindsetOVERbullshit

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