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Gratitude Journal Day #409: Thursday, 11/18/21


3.) 1sicB podcast! – I did a podcast with the Queen and felt at-HOME immediately. This exposure puts me in front of an audience that appreciates my message and OVER-stands my purpose. It ain’t making sales or finding clients. This is all about quality time with my Tribespeople.

2.) Kids #3 upgraded my Google – I knoooooow. This mug is funky fresh huh? I get excited turning on my computer!

1.) Bitmoji has WHEELCHAIRS – Bitmoji is my #1 for creating promotions, ads, all that. For years, I’ve used it and BEEN wishing the characters had canes, wheelchairs, SOME-thing to represent my Tribe. Well, it HAS. Time to step up my creation game!

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