Gratitude Journal Day #417: Friday, 11/26/21

People, we got issues to discuss. Not here, #kendrickavant #agentofgratitude

3.) Got enough for ONE cookie – It was all I needed. I’ve learned that my brownies are GREAT for sleeping and pain relief. My cookies are the energy boosters. I’m happy I had energy boosters to push me through Black Friday. I’m still full

2.) Did my Manifestation – It’s been about four days since I’ve worked on Manifestation. At some point, I flat out stopped. Today, I started back. Its helping by keeping my negative thoughts at bay.

1.) Took a shower before it all started – DAWG. šŸ‘€. It was a long shot. Yup, I needed one because I had a couple accidents. Woke up on the floor. The problem was the shower. I can’t step in or out of tubs with the MS. Solution was using my parents’ bathroom. I fell twice. TWICE. Yet, I’m fresh!

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