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Gratitude Journal Day #419: Sunday, 11/28/21

Yoo!! Y’all awake yet?

4.) Going home today – πŸ˜‘ I will NOT apologize for starting off an EASY ass Gratitude. Dawg, ya boi STILL disabled, handicapped, sick AF. Anytime we roll, I’m displaced and get by without modifications so home is a true solace.

3.) Open Letter released… – This was my first “professional” blog article. Grateful for the comments and support I already received because I was nervous about it. I know there are others dealing with similar pains. This article is my reach for them.

2.) Fish, fries & more – One of my FAVORITE meals! I got my grub on. Oh yes, I pigged out. Then I had drinks with a family I really care about.


1.) Found my 30-day Grind List – πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘‘ Time to go to work. This is will hit harder now that I have products, services, website, TOOLS, business plan, executive summary, a certification. I have a mission now. I’m teaching tools to put mindset OVER bullshit. I’m ready to take off!

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