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Disabled BUT… Episode 9: It’s just ME y’all! I’m checking in.

It’s just me y’all! Checking in with solo session  

What I’m doing this…

Disabled BUT… is podcast based on me and my shenanigans. Once/4 interviews, I update folks on me, the Fam, what we’re up to and stuff like that. 

Who does the music?

My brother, Antuan Askew, of the East Texas Connection! He now operates a catering business in East Texas. I’m telling you… the food is… LOVE!

Stories I’m sharing…

β€’ 1st 15min – How I got fired. Again. Three times in one day.

β€’ 2nd 15min – The WHY of my Life Coach business

β€’ 3rd, 10min – What I learned after 30 days with NO gluten/sugar/alcohol

β€’ 4th, 4min – Edibles worked. FINALLY.

β€’ 5th, 9min – My FIRST Life Coach Tip: Love Language

β€’ 6th, 2min – Gratitudes 

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