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Gratitude Journal Day #431: Friday, 12/10/21

3.) David Groggins video – Dawg. I need motivation some days. *crosses heart* David brings it. This mug made me sit up and take notes.

2.) National Champions film – My son told me about movie. Then, minutes later, my brother sent the trailer. Why am I so grateful for it? I am NOT in the movie. Easy. I’m juiced off others seeing it and rushing to tell me. That means I’M on people’s minds when student rights are centered. I like that. I LOVE that. I am that. My message and everything. YOU come first.

1.) Holiday Decorations up! – Good job GIRLS!! I darn near tear up knowing THEY put up the decorations. At night, those lights are quite helpful to a wheelchair WARRIOR zipping around, in ninja mode, refusing to hit lights. #Boom

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