What is the Gratitude Presentation to improve workplace culture?

A pricing guide and synopsis of the Gratitude Presentation I offer to schools and businesses. This program will change the culture of the environment by reducing absences, improving communication and identifying leadership qualities.

What it is:

A 4 – 8 hour presentation aimed at changing the culture of a business towards Gratitude. 80% percent of an individual’s thoughts are negative; by reducing that number to 69%, we spark over 1,200 positive thoughts. These positive thoughts are the goal as positive thoughts encourage a plethora of benefits like lower rates of depression, lower levels of distress, increased resiliency, and better psychological well-being. 

The central theme of my Gratitude Presentation is daily Gratitude Journaling. Businesses, schools, communities can ingrain these benefits into the fabric of the day and the culture of the environment. Gratitude Journals prioritize mental health, increase employee participation, illuminate leadership qualities and improve employer-employee relationships. Once the invitees overstand the importance of consistent Gratitude Journaling, I walk attendees down an array of mindset tools determined best by time and ability of the audience to participate and practice with me.

✦ Tool 1 – Analogies & Goal-setting. WE are Rhinos, not sheep, not lions

✦ Tool 2 – Learning Styles and how it affects YOU

✦ Tool 3 – Right/Left Brain Hemisphere. Environment determines intelligence

✦ Tool 4 – Understanding how FOOD affects the body (Health coach for 5 visits)

✦ Tool 5 – How memory works and how it affects YOU

✦ Tool 6 – Yoga (12 poses) and Meditation (6-3-9 technique)

✦ Tool 7 – Song Analysis and YOUR life

✦ Tool 8 – Love languages to improve YOUR communication 

✦ Tool 9 – Birth order to improve YOUR communication

✦ Tool 10 – Water has memory. How to make that work for YOU.

✦ Week 11 – Time management for YOUR ideas

✦ Week 12 – Using Social Media for growth and empowerment

✦ Best strategies for resolutions

Option One $8997/4-hour presentation

I will conduct a 4-hour Gratitude Presentation to the entire staff. Tools to improve mindset and reduce negative thinking will be discussed in an order that maximizes the efficiency and follow-through of each. Then, we will move into the remaining tools for the remainder of the allotted time. 

Option Two $15,997/8-hr presentation AND Group activities for each tool

This extensive variant of the signature Gratitude Presentation allows for attendees to partake in a host of activities that encourage and foster professional growth and communication. We work through specific, workplace & environmental examples that may have plagued the team chemistry and overall camaraderie.

Negotiable Elements:

✦ Length of Gratitude Presentation –

✦ Direction of Gratitude Presentation 

✦ Delivery of Gratitude Presentation

✦ Subject material of Gratitude Presentation

Inspirational Speaking (1hour) $2,499

I deliver high-energy talks, and stories that focus on the power of Gratitude changing perspective and culture. Taking attendees through the low points of my health struggles and financial ruin to the entrepreneurial spirit that wheelchairs in different countries, I exemplify how expressing Gratitude for what’s in front of you, OVER-standing your WHY, reduces the negative thoughts and creates confidence. Attendees in leadership positions will be awarded printed Gratitude Journals but ALL attendees will receive my ebook and audiobook, If you can’t GET better, BE better: Survivor’s Blueprint. I will meet with 10 attendees for lunch (my treat!), life coaching & mindset tools that elevate mindset over limiting beliefs. One is awarded an interview on Disabled BUT… podcast and a full blog article!

Ask about the discount for seniors, hospice, and patient floors!

5-day Agency of Gratitude $9,999
I will deliver 5, 1-hour Gratitude Presentations. These will build the habits of Gratitude Journaling and improve sales teams with purposeful communication and elevated senses of confidence.  

For customized Gratitude Journals tailored to your brand and service,

✦ 500books delivered = $4,999

✦ 1000books delivered = $9,999

✦ phone apps for Gratitude Journals

What Results to expect:

I will meet with leadership to establish desired goals and outcomes. The basic results will yield

✦ attendance will stabilize

✦ number of infractions will decrease

✦ employee absences will be reduced

✦ communication will improve

✦ emotional intelligence will elevate

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