Gratitude Journal Day #452: Friday, New Year’s Eve 2021

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4.) 23 Ways to spend New Year’s Eve article – S/O to helping others!

3.) Scott Interview done – Scott is another one of my old school, FORMER students. I was grateful he accepted my invite for the podcast because I really wanted to speak with him about college life. That’s a entirely NEW target audience but I feel confident that I can match it, give value and build. Engineering, cannabis, stressors, the story about Blue Bell made me feel like a freaking hero! 👏🏽

2.) Wisdom app – I got it!! With the iPhone comes the perks of using iPhone like ORIGINAL Clubhouse, this Wisdom app and more. I’m digging Wisdom for the setup. It’s like Clubhouse but one-on-on. The conversation never gets lost in interruptions,

1.) Tuesday lawn appointment! – The neighbors have been mowing our yard but we’re ready to pay now. Slowly but surely, we are climbing out the financial fires. That’s what this lawn appointment proves. 🤜🏽🤛🏽👏🏽

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