Gratitude Journal Day #454: Sunday, 1/3/22

3.) Completed my goals on New Year’s Day! – Essentially, I was grinding all New Year’s. Nope to football, I was writing, building, promoting and got the PRIORITY done. I outlined key differences in programs so buyers OVER-stand how and WHY each helps them BE better. *tips hat*

2.) School is back TOMORROW! – Brooo. I looooove my kids but it’s time for separation. The constant reminders they’re bored. The disappearance of anything related to snack. The barrage of all-nighters, giggles, noise…. I am looking forward to that 7-8hr break, less workplace interruptions and playing explicit music to stay awake. 😜🤪🤣🤣

1.) Thank you note example – This helps me TEACH what I brag about. There are many tools to mindset OVER bullshit. Thank you notes are my SHIT because it gives the perfect excuse to reach out and actually connect with people. I’m grateful the bridges are authentic and bounce the energy back. *bows*

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