Gratitude Journal Day #455: Monday, 1/3/22

I will NOT apologize for self-care this Monday. Ya boi feel better and look better too. πŸ€œπŸ½πŸ€›πŸ½πŸ€Ž #begrateful #grateful #gratitudejournal #mindset #wellness
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4 Moves to increase energy & focus article

3.) Old School Fool’ing – Today, I’m doing my FIRST EVER FB Audio Room. *nervous* Nothing fancy, no high quality agenda, just me inviting people to share their weekend stories. I’m doing this for visibility AND connections. *rubs hands* I SEE my target audience everyday and they deserve to meet me!

2.) Weighted Bathrobe – Christmas gift. πŸ’₯. This mug keeps a young Daddy warm and it is stylish too. The green matches my colors, pillars and favorite football teams so even MORE gratitude.

1.) Order my own vitamins! – *pops collar* I’m getting more intentional with my wellness. No, I do not order my own because my wife does it. Time for me to β€œcut the middleman” and get things efficient. She focuses on actual HEALTH, magnesium, D3, seaweed, kalawalla. I’m going for ENERGY so bring in mushrooms, and niacin.

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