Gratitude Journal Day #456: Tuesday, 1/4/22

I’m blaming the booster shot for this low energy & late start!

3.) Women of the Movement – I’m ready to freaking CRY right now. I mean cry with anger, fear, stress, everything. The story of Emmitt Till, murdered at 14 by 2 colonizers because he whistled at a white woman. He never did, they got off, but his mother shook the fabric of racism when she held an open casket funeral so the entire world could see America’s original past time was the slow torture and annihilation of the Black race. I’m grateful the story will finally be broadcast so the country can learn, grow from it’s been intentional acts of evil.

2.) Wiz’s Gratitude Journal – *proud AF look* Nope! I promise I did not assign it. AND, she has WHY statements. Tell me I’m not changing lives, starting at home. I wish you would. 🤜🏽🤛🏽🤎👑

1.) Rebranded the podcast – Doing it for the brand! I had to clear the confusion surrounding my title. *squints at sun* The day feeling brighter already.

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