Why I’m rebranding the Disabled BUT… podcast

*bows* Well, to ME, y’all are not shocked by the decision to rebrand. Here. We. Go. #allthingsonelove #podcast
It’s US vs negativity & bullshit. 🤜🏾🤛🏾🖤👑


Agency of Gratitude Session 1.3.22

Every day, I’m LIVE with the Agency of Gratitude around 7am. The purpose is to help people finish their Gratitude Journals, providing value with quotes, business tips, health routines, and wellness testimonials. As a certified Life Coach, members are welcome to schedule 1-on-1 with me, receive daily inspirational texts, and join monthly crash courses at NO CHARGE.

► CTA: drink some water (1/3/22)

►Value: 4 ways to increase energy article (1/3/22)

    Yoo, real talk. I’m gonna abolish these episodes count. We can just rock with Session dates and Interviews as the “episodes”. *fist bump*

NOW, it is…

Yoo! Welcome to allthingsonelove with Kendrick Avant, Agent of Gratitude. The podcast is a release of my DAILY Sessions with the Agency of Gratitude. Here, members are rocking with me on a DAILY exercise of Gratitudes for accountability and examples. I open the Sessions on weekdays around 7am CST and I’m random on the weekends. I’m THERE on weekends but… Look, the Agency OVER-stands. 😉. Every day, I’m LIVE walking members through each:

Intentions – Each day, I’m setting my intention based on wellness or mindset. My Gratitude Journal is a 1$ spiral so I can easily adjust and highlight key aspects of my day. This starts with my intention. 👑

Call to Action – allthingsonelove is a LLC teaching people to improve themselves. As a mentor of allthingsonelove, I give calls to action that reflect the pillars of improvement, wellness, mindset and Gratitude. 💪🏾

Value – Members of the Agency of Gratitude receive value statements during these Sessions. As an entrepreneur, I’m dishing best business practices, answering the questions of members & listeners, slipping wellness tips, sliding and supporting others like only I can. 🥂

Goals – I GOTTA set goals to prioritize my days. If you don’t, I believe you AND will one day be like you. ✅

I’m as devout and stout as they make them when it comes to Gratitude Journals. Heck, I’m so serious, I also discuss yoga, meditation, water consumption, vitamins, supplements and yes, manifestation. 🤜🏾🤛🏾👨🏾‍🏫. Members are encouraged to join LIVE (audio OR visual!!🤣), comment (I respond LIVE) and/or just chill. I release the audio after editing and VOILA… The allthingsonelove w/ Kendrick Avant, Agent of Gratitude is complete. New episode every day. 5 – 15min.

The WHY…

I started the Disabled BUT… podcast to broadcast my own exploits while bringing attention to the success of those with chronic illnesses, handicaps, disabilities, seen or UN-seen.

I still do THAT. I’m showcasing my shenanigans inside the classroom by interviewing former students. *pops collar* I DID earn Teacher of the Year in 2014. I’m bringing in entrepreneurs for lessons, advice and laughs over business. (Psss. SEE! I read those direct messages and emails.) Educators are welcome to dive into allthingsonelove w/ Kendrick Avant for discussions on issues and solutions. My Tribespeople, Tribe, record label and crew are honored guests. I make concentrated efforts to exceed their expectations so we tackle the difficult realities of life, modifications, relationships, employment and stressors.

The art and artist

Her original artwork of ME for the allthingsonelove blog
Ivanna Reyes artwork for the That’s The Way I Feel podcast
Her artwork for the MS Outlaws GoFundMe

Ivanna Reyes is a former student. I freaking ADORE her artwork because I can FEEL the effort and attention. She shoots messages back and forth at dizzying speeds to gage the match to the client’s vision. Dawg, I appreciated that and needed that. I didn’t really have a clear vision so those questions and messages helped me define what I wanted.

FIRST Disabled BUT… podcast blog link



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