Gratitude Journal Day #457: Wednesday, 1/5/22

I’m baaaaaaaaack and my Gratitude Journal is ready too.

25 Mindset Tips Article

3.) Lime Juice reloaded – Y’all KNOW how important lime juice is to water intake. Lime juice alkalizes the water so you are neutralizing the acid in your body. When inflammation hunts you like THE Predator, you need less acid!

2.) Kid #4 got her vaccination – So everybody in school is safer, less of a risk to transmit the Covid-19. AND, my baby Queen didn’t shed a damn tear so I didn’t either. #boom

1.) LONG charger cord – Come on homie. Ya boi handicapped so a longer cord is necessary. Ain’t nobody got time or energy for a bunch of leaving-it-plugged-in! I didn’t even request a new cord so I feel like somebody paying attention. *blushing*

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