Interview w/ Cloves Grogan

On Wednesdays, I release interviews with the most interesting people in MY life, students from MY middle school classes and anything in-between. *winks* We start with part one of my interview with Houston entrepreneur, Cloves Grogan.

Who is he…

Cloves is an UBER-entrepreneur (independent commercial cleaning company, clothing line, house remodeling, wellness coach…). 

Why I’m interviewing him…

Looooong ago, in a lifetime far, far, far away, two young Kings, met at a training for Texas Life and Health licenses. The year was 2016 and we haven’t lost touch since. Cloves is a survivor, managing Sickle Cell Disease, marriage, kids, and multiple streams of income. His story is one that deserves national attention and soon, very soon, he will get it. He continues stepping towards his greatness by granting the first allthingsonelove interview.

Topics we bounce around…

• 1st 5min – intros and marriage

• 2nd, 6min – taking your kids on vacay vs. investing 

• BREAK – allthingsonelove commercial for changing culture

• 3rd, 11min – entrepreneurship in OTHER countries 

• 4th, 17min – benefits of taking your kids to OTHER countries

• END – allthingsonelove commercial for mindset tools

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