Gratitude Journal Day #459: Friday, 1/7/22

First Friday of 2022 and I got some GOOD news!

4.) Drive-by Kindness – This is was sooo BEAST. I can’t wait to do this in-person! I do it online, social media, DM but in-person is the next step. Stuff like this has a healing effect, seeing others pushing positivity and being kind. It warms my heart!

3.) State of Mind (Rexx Life. 2021) – This mug set the tone for the DAY! *bows* I stopped writing when it hit. That opening chorus? “Being broke is just a state of mind.” Ohhhhh! I FEEL that shit! That is me, my perspective, my story and my success.

2.) MY own 2022 expectations – YEAH. I said it. I’m grateful I said it. I am manifesting it. I’m sick of downplaying my plans, grinding in silence. All this does is let my people know that I’m doing BIG thangs. There is NO pressure, none. I’m excited they know. I’m CRUNK my wife supports it all because that is a sign of her support. (Can’t lie. Support is appreciated! 🤎🤣🤣)

1.) Favorite scene! – I’m grateful to have stumbled across this clip! It was the foundation of my former persona, Multiple Sclerosis Outlaw. Now, I can truly appreciate my growth because I’m no longer Doc Holiday. I’m not defined by my battle with Multiple Sclerosis. Noooo. This scene really made me proud of ME.

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