Gratitude Journal Day #458: Thursday, 1/6/22

I’m back on my A game people! I’m flexing with my Call to Action, Value, video, SIX Gratitudes because I refuse to let Covid-19 fears ruin my day. #begrateful #grateful #gratitude #mindset #wellness

3.) Cloves Interview part 1 of MANY – I jacked up the first interview by myself. 👀🤷🏾‍♂️. S/O to a King for giving me a 2nd chance. That’s number one because I want him to be a REGULAR contributor of entrepreneurship. I got way too many young businesspeople jamming with me to not establish value. Second, Cloves does everything despite Sickle Cell Disease. 💥💥💥. He tossing demons, devils, prognoses; the King embodies my life visions. Third, Dawg, he’s GOOD ass people. That vibe, energy is infectious and I support TF outta positivity.

2.) Daughter starting her entrepreneurial dreams – I’m grateful because I feel I can help! Not with lashes buuuuuut social media, business acumen, ugly lessons, trifling clients, I can be a big help. I’m grateful because her activity will foster the curiosity of her siblings. Okay, I’m definitely grateful she can do her Mom’s lashes. 🤣🤣

1.) BIIIIG ass Mr. Goodbar – That mug got me through a TOUGH day. 🍫. I was dozing off, struggling to make it to lunch. That big, ol’ thang had me grinning and wide awake! 😜

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