Gratitude Journal Day #460: Saturday, 1/8/22

Throwback lesson today! If you can comment with what type of Gratitudes theses are (Easy, cheesy). you win something special!

5.) Podcast added to FB business page – *rolls neck* Yuuuuuuup. I was late AF last night with upgrades and tweaks all over social media. Adding my podcast to the business page should help with the visibility of both.

4.) Forever (Ice Cube, Snoop, Meth & Red) – This is what crunk me up today! Legends of hip hop!

3.) Got that post together! – πŸ€œπŸ½πŸ€›πŸ½πŸ€Ž. Already. I got y’all back. This will help clear confusion and direct interested parties in the appropriate direction. #business

2.) Got something SPECIAL for y’all – I listen!! Told y’all, I got your back! Let’s GOOOO!! I can help the community, gather reviews and market myself in ONE swoop.

1.) Officially changed my “mission” statement – This was the final connection to the Multiple Sclerosis Outlaw. I am one man, one brand, one mission.

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