Gratitude Journal Day #466: Saturday, 1/15/22

Wife’s Birthday so I’ll be busy!

Today is my wife’s Born Day so I gotta be quick! 🤜🏽🤛🏽🤎😉

3.) NOBODY came to my CH room – Confused? I’m grateful NOBODY showed up because it gave me freedom to burn rubber when my brother popped up. Seeing him was waaay more important and fun. We swapped stories, he made plans to be interviewed on my podcast and finalized today’s activities. I can’t wait!

2.) S/O to the first M.O.B. University Chop Session – I’m here, growing, improving. These talks do MY mental health good as I explain the workings of mindset OVER bullshit. I hear it first, recording and editing gives me more reinforcement. I’ll be using this as another tool!

1.) HER Born Day plans – Black-owned winery? ✅. Black-owned farm-to-table restaurant? ✅. Homies? ✅. Sunday off for rejuvenation? ✅. This is gonna one helluva, fancy celebration. I’m using it ALL for business purposes.

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