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Gratitude Journal Day #469: Tuesday, 1/18/22

3.) Abbot Elementary – This mug is hilarious and full of inside jokes, messages and more. We laughed the whole show and my wife kept saying, “Ooooo. I always thought nurses had it rough but dang. Y’all struggle a little bit.” Anything that brings laughter OVER the bullshit is great by me, for me, to me. I love how much it sincerely shines a light on teacher-school issues while showcasing that relationships are the secret ingredient. That’s a damn Gratitude. I laughed despite feeling like shit.

2.) Grand Crew – Grand Crew kept it going! IT means the laughter, good times, comedy. All the characters are my favorite. (So what! Yes they can be my favorites. *sticks out tongue* When a show is “culturally educational”, I’m grateful. It takes MY mind off negativity and well, you get it. It teaches others about MY culture.

1.) This picture! – My brother took this. Me. ME. I kept my head up even though my electric wheelchair jacked up and threw off plans. I’m using it today to stay up despite feeling like shit. Every time I see it, I smile my GAH DAMN self.

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