Interview w/ former student Scott p1

The homie, Scott, popped in for an interview with his old middle teacher to discuss #wellness #mentalhealth #mindset #career and #college

Interview w/ Scott p1

Who is he…

Scott is a former student. His AP classes are the reason that I modified my teaching methods to account for essays.  

Why I’m interviewing him…

He is finishing his final semesters and taking another step towards being a “grown up”. I wanted to touch base, discuss and compare college days plus I HAD to know his secret for academic success. 

Topics we bounce around…

• 1st 4min – We jump straight into college pursuits and plans

• 2nd, 6min – Cannabis laws & experiences in Harris county vs. Montgomery county 

• BREAK – allthingsonelove commercial 

• 3rd, 3min – Why he switched college majors from Dentristy to Engineering

 • 4th, 3min – Opinions on standardized testing 

• END – allthingsonelove commercial for 7 days of one-on-one instruction

Yoo, real talk. I’m gonna abolish these episodes count. We can just rock with Session dates and Interviews as the “episodes”. *fist bump*

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