Gratitude Journal Day #471: Thursday, 1/20/22

FIVE Gratitudes because I’m determined to keep my head up. DETERMINED! #bebetter #allthingsonelove #begrateful #grateful

5.) Scott’s Interview – Got it edited and released it on time. #Boom. I’m a little juiced about it all over again because the content aligns with my very essence. I figured out some better ways to do stuff too.

4.) My avatar getting noticed – It’s cool when people notice you anywhere. Well, for ME, it is. Up there, high in affirmations, is folks introducing themselves because of your avatar. Mine is the obvious, mindset whooping bullshit. I’m ALWAYS over-thinking it because common sense screams that I’m not business professional enough. I’m NOT for everyone, every business, every school. When others approach me, I see it more as a nod to my Inner G/energy than my business. I can build off that. 🤜🏽🤛🏽.

3.) NEW gas station is the old Lil’ Store – This NEWLY remodeled version of my favorite gas station has a restaurant inside. The food is a C except for the home fries. Those were damn near McDonald’s fries good. Salty, warm, soft inside but crunk outside… Mmmm…. I’m blogging on a full tummy!

2.) Colleague checking on me – Yuuuup. I’m UN-employed again. This time, I wasn’t fired over bullshit. My ass just didn’t pass the employment test. There were issues (There’s always issues huh?) but I didn’t overcome my issues and FAILED. I failed baaaaaaad too. I feel good that somebody noticed my absence and asked! 🤎🤎🤎. That means I make others feel better. 👑

1.) My Cookies bags!! – My wife’s bestie scooped TWO Cookies bags for my Born Day. *bows* This morning, I finally started using one bag for vitamins and supplements. It makes things soooo much easier to get around the house AND remember to take proper pills.

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