Gratitude Journal Day #472: Friday, 1/21/22

Friday FLY Day people. I got value on that very subject today. Come check it out!

3.) Where you been hiding? (Sinead Harnett) – I have NO idea who this woman is. The song tho? The song has me singing haaaaaard out loud. I need the distraction because Iā€™m struggling with my anxiety and emotions today. S/O to YouTube for recommending it.

2.) That was quick! – Got my first, and LAST, check already. That buys me a LITTLE more time to pop this business and skip another J-O-B.

1.) She walks herself now – My youngest handled the cold weather and trek to the school bus alone, solo, independent. Iā€™m grateful it went well, grateful she was so excited yet calm. Her demeanor really chilled my anxiety over being the disabled dad. REALLY chilled me out.

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